End stage

On seeing a gross pathology slide of an autopsy specimen showing aortic stenosis:

“Is that end stage?”
“…uh…Yeah, so much so the guy died and we’re doing an autopsy…so yeah, that’s the most “end stage” you can get.”

The deadliest screenshot…In The World

Anybody have any idea as to why this screenshot seems to kill my phone?

I grabbed it because I had a minor UI quibble, which I’ve now resolved.


But the important point is that I wanted to edit this screenshot on the phone so I could trim it to something more manageable,


Why are you hovering over this image? It's pretty obvious what it is.

But no. Every single time I tried to edit it with the built-in “Photos”app, it would black-screen, display the progress indicator, and then reboot with the Apple logo.  And this would happen if I selected it from the camera roll OR the Photo Stream roll.

So what gives?  I can try it again now and I’m pretty sure it’ll do the same thing.


This is what happens when the president comes to town.

Cool parts emphasized in bold:

!FDC 0/1968 ZAU FLIGHT RESTRICTIONS. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, MAY 27, 2010 LOCAL. Pursuant to 49 USC 40103(B), The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) classifies the airspace defined in this NOTAM as ‘National Defense Airspace’. Pilots who do not adhere to the following procedures may be intercepted, detained and interviewed by law enforcement/security personnel.
Any of the following additional actions may also be taken against a pilot who does not comply with the requirements or any special instructions or procedures announced in this NOTAM:
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Edible Photos

My friend sent me these pics and I think they’re pretty impressive considering everything in them is something you can eat.

The New & Improved Rachael Ray Drinking Game

In response to this very detailed and painfully thought-out (I assume, it would be painful to me) drinking game, I would like to hereby propose a new Rachael Ray Drinking Game:

Since most drinking games tend to be constructed on the premise that one takes a drink whenever the principal either says or does something specific, I’m going to construct this game around a slightly different one.  It’s very simple, so pay attention:

If you get the idea to watch the Rachael Ray Show, take a drink.

Keep drinking until you no longer feel the need to watch her show.

This is extensible to those around you with only slight modifications:

If someone around you suggests watching the Rachael Ray Show, take a drink.

Keep drinking until you can safely(this means without spilling any alcohol) use the bottle as a club to beat this person over the head for making such a suggestion.